We make animated videos for e-learning courses, in any subject, using digital tools that allow us to recreate business situations and moments, which allow users attending the course, to feel involved in their learning process.

In fact, videos are very important for explaining simply and attractively, complex situations or difficult topics that need to be learned by employees within a company.

You will explain any topic with ease

You will increase your sales

You will train customers on your products

You will improve your position on Google

You will engage 70% more people

You will increase the sharing of your business on social networks

Videos can be made with animated graphics, (cartoon characters), or with real graphics, (real people filmed at certain times or while performing certain actions).

With our digital tools, we can draw on countless micro-videos and characters, which combined, allow us to recreate life situations and real work situations.

This means less cost, as there will be no need for on-site filming.

For example, think of a course on workplace safety.

It will not be necessary to take real footage in the company to explain an important concept, but we can digitally recreate that moment and embed the video within the e-learning course.

In addition, animated videos, ensure high user involvement in the online course, an aspect that should never be underestimated in training.

The best results are often obtained by combining the two modes (animated graphics + real graphics) and adding an audio explanation and a musical base in the videos.

Infographics, images, animated characters, real characters, music, and audio voice explanations are all very important elements that enable the creation of short videos for online training to be highly educational and engaging.

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