We are an agency specialized in the design of online training and the development of educational and multimedia content, suitable for e-learning.

In addition, we take care of supporting companies in choosing digital e-business solutions to develop their own E-Learning Project, with the aim of training their employees / customers

Since 2013 we have been managing our EBS E-Learning Platform, through which we sell online courses to:

  • individuals who want to improve their personal and professional training.
  • companies that want to train their employees and clients.

Moreover, we allow companies, which do not have the project to create their own E-Learning Platform, to allow their employees to attend online courses, using our SCORM e-learning platform, without having to worry about the technical management of users.

In this way, companies can count on the skills of our team of E-Learning Specialists, who will manage the entire training cycle of employees and customers, from the design and delivery of online courses to the verification of the achievement of the certificate for each user, always providing continuous technical support.

Companies can purchase online courses already present in the EBS catalog, request customization according to their business needs, or request the creation of completely new and customized online courses.

If the business goal is to create its own LMS E-Learning Platform, we take care of studying and designing the technological platform, developing an ad hoc online project, and creating the most appropriate corporate e-learning tool. We have been working for years with software houses, specialized in the creation of e-learning platforms, thus providing our clients with a unique and complete solution.

Thanks to our technological partners, we guarantee the development of a personalized e-learning platform, designed on the basis of the actual training needs of your business.

At EBS we deal with:

  • Provide you with online courses already present in the catalog of the EBS e-learning platform.
  • Design and develop customized online courses for your company.
  • Transform your courses in the classroom, into online courses, using your company content.
  • Turn your PowerPoint material into SCORM online courses.
  • Provide remote technical assistance for all users, employees, clients who have to attend online courses on the fad platform.
  • Organize Webinar courses, including interactive ones, providing you with our technical and organizational management in the virtual classroom for the entire training course.
  • Give remote technical assistance during webinars, videoconferences, and web meetings.
  • Provide you with records of your employees / clients once they have completed each online course.
  • Create a customized e-learning platform for your company.

Insert the contents of your online courses in the company e-learning platform.

Lower costs and increase productivity, thanks to E-Learning!

With us at EBS, online training becomes simple!