Use e-learning training in your company

Using online training within your company offers you many possibilities and advantages.

E-Learning training can be used both to train your employees and your clients.

E-Learning Training for your employees

Any company can use e-learning to train their employees.

There is no more suitable or less suitable sector. In every business sector, and for every profession, e-learning training becomes a huge advantage for the employee, which has a positive impact on the entire company.

Each employee can create their own reserved area on the E-Learning Platform, with their own credentials (username and password), in order to access it 24/7.

In your reserved area, you will always have your online courses available.

Each employee will be able to manage their own training in total autonomy, based on their own learning times.

In this way, you will no longer have to stop the company activity, to do training in the physical classroom, and you will also have the guarantee that each employee will have truly learned, because they will be able to download their Training Certificate only after having successfully completed the assessment test.

You can easily make e-learning courses for all employees who are required by law to do compulsory training on various subjects (safety at work, privacy, anti-money laundering, etc…), and you will also be able to have a series of e-learning courses, for example for new hires to attend, and whenever you want to increase the skills of your employees.

You will always have under control the progress of corporate training, thanks to the files that we at EBS will send you regularly, to show you which of your employees has completed the training, and who is about to finish it.

The possibilities with e-learning training are many, and we at EBS E-Learning Consulting support you in the design, creation, and development of online training projects for your company.

E-Learning Training for your clients

You can also use e-learning to train your clients, thus providing excellent service on the product you are selling.

In fact, online courses can be exploited in many ways as they allow you to obtain new earning opportunities by implementing online your business or company and to grow your clients by reaching them all over the world.

Thanks to e-learning, you can teach your clients how to best use your product or service:

  • If you develop software products, you may offer online courses to teach your clients to use all the features of the software they have purchased
  • If you have a flower and plant shop, you could create e-learning courses, to teach your customers how to better manage their garden, care, and prune plants, produce compost, etc…
  • If you are a tailor, you could take online courses in creative sewing, embroidery, paper-modeling, etc…
  • If you are an agency for handling paperwork for foreigners, you could take advantage of e-learning to take online courses of the Italian language, courses on civic sense, and everything you need to live in Italy
  • If you are a Chef, you could take distance courses in cooking, bakery and so on …
  • If you are an Accountant, you could decide with your firm to create online courses for companies in your subjects …

Anyone can create e-learning courses, and we at EBS Consulting E-Learning follow you in the creation, design, and development of your online training project.

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