We make animated videos to communicate your business and services, without having to do any on-site filming.

We can digitally recreate any situation or environment, using cartoon-style animated characters, or real people in real situations.

Today, most of the communication that is done online is via video, and this is one of the main reasons why a business can no longer do without communicating through video.

It is therefore essential, to be successful and attract the attention of our stakeholders, to have at least one animated video, explaining who we are and what are the main services we offer.

Animated videos also turn out to be very engaging for users, and for this reason, it is very important to publish them on corporate social media to communicate your services.

How does the animated video creation service work?

At EBS, we take care of:

Writing the narrative script for your animated video.

Making the audio file of the voice of the animated video (with a choice of whether to use a male or female voice and what age).

Making the explainer video, customizing it with company colors, and inserting the company logo and all-important references (addresses, phone numbers, e-mail, social media, etc…).

Insert an engaging music base.

We deliver the video to you in .mp4 format, giving you all commercial rights, so you can publish it wherever you want: website-web, social media, advertising channels, etc…

Animated videos, can be created in any industry, such as:

Animated videos restaurant sector – bar

Animated videos medical sector

Educational sector animated videos

The animated videos tech sector

Animated videos real estate sector

Or to communicate our company and the services offered:

Animated startup videos

Animated corporate presentation video

Animated videos for products and services

Animated video for social media

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