Do you want to use E-Learning to train your employees and sell your online courses at the same time?

We at EBS E-Learning Consulting have created the service for you: Companies Academy Being part of the EBS Companies Academy will allow you to have a section dedicated to your companies, or business, where you can show all your online courses for your employees to attend, and if you want you can sell them online.

This will give you the possibility of not having to make large financial investments and human resources, to create your own companies e-learning platform, and above all we at EBS will manage everything for you:

Online Course



of multimedia contents

SCORM E-Learning

Insertion of online courses in the SCORM E-Learning platform

Technical Assistance

Pre and post sales Technical Assistance to users


of user progress tracks on course attendance

Companies Academy is dedicated to all companies that want to provide e-learning training to their employees and clients in a highly professional manner.

Companies catalog of online courses

With our support, we will create your corporate catalog of online courses.

Companies Academy will become your E-Learning Platform, where you can have your own companies’ space with an always active catalog of e-learning courses.

We will design interactive and engaging courses together, to make your online academy a point of reference in your sector. You will be able to obtain enormous benefits from Companies Academy, since you can advertise your business and sell your courses online directly from your course catalog, present in EBS.

Monitoring of learning and reports

Each user who will attend the online courses in your Companies Academy will have a reserved area in which to view all his e-learning courses.

In the reserved area, the user can follow the progress of his training path, can attend e-learning courses, displaying the relative percentage of completion, always have the completed online courses available and, with regard to the latter, download the relative certificate with all its data. You will have available the monitoring of the online training of your employees / clients, thanks to the reports that we will send you, in which you can view the data relating to the attendance of online courses, the training progress of the employees / clients, and the progress they have achieved.

What we can do for you:

Rely on us at EBS E-Learning Consulting for the creation of your online course catalog, within the Companies Academy. We will take care of all the phases concerning the e-learning training, both for your clients and for your employees:

  • consulting and business objectives analysis.
  • customization of online courses.
  • design and creation of online courses based on business needs.
  • creation of a customized Companies Academy.
  • user technical assistance.

Our client companies belong to very diversified sectors, from production to food service, from the provision of services to personal growth, from industry to crafts.

E-learning training covers at 360° any type of training need, in any sector. Create your online Companies Academy.