We develop SCORM courses for inclusion within your E-Learning Platform, using either content you already have, or creating new content.

Do you know what SCORM is?

The meaning of SCORM stands for “Shareable Content Object Reference Model” and is a widely used reference model for eLearning content.

An eLearning course created in SCORM, allows it to be included within most E-Learning Platforms, that is, it will be recognized by most of the LMSs in the market (Learning Management System).

What are the main functions of SCORM?

  • Don’t lose your courses: SCORM allows you to guarantee that you will not lose all your courses over time. If someday you change your eLearning platform, you must download the SCORM packages and put them inside the new eLearning platform.
  • Less cost: one course will be the result of several SCORM packages. For example, you may have chosen to make one SCORM package for each Module in your online course. This allows you to use one, or more, of these packages and incorporate them into a new online course, thus saving time and money.
  • Training tracking: the SCORM allows tracking of everything the user does in the eLearning platform. For example, this allows the user to attend the course over several days, picking up from the last lesson he or she finished, or it will be possible to download files where all the answers the user gave to learning quizzes can be verified.
  • Make a clear structure of the online course: this will make it much easier for the user to “move” between the Modules and Lessons of the course and be autonomous in his or her learning process. It will also be possible to “unlock” the lessons, as the user progresses with the study, or only in case he passes the learning quizzes, views a video, or attends a particular lesson.

What content can be transformed into SCORM?

It is possible to transform to SCORM:

PowerPoint files

PDF files

Word files

Video files

To transform your content to SCORM, you need to use one of the authoring tools on the market, such as ISpring, Articulate 360, Adobe Captivate, etc…

At EBS E-Learning Consulting, we support you from the very first moment, in verifying your content, adapting it to the needs of online training, transforming it into SCORM format, and inserting it for you, within your e-learning platform.

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