Do you want to create an E-Learning Platform for your company?

Before deciding what E-Learning Platform to create and how it should be structured, it is essential to do an ANALYSIS of the E-LEARNING PROJECT.

In fact, the first step in e-learning training is to analyze what the e-learning project to be implemented should be. This step is very important, to avoid making wrong choices and wasting money and time.

Before deciding what kind of e-Learning Platform to make, it is mandatory to make a macro-analysis of the following aspects:

  1. Analysis of the target audience to be addressed.
  2. Analysis of the target audience’s training needs.
  3. Analysis of the content to be used for training.
  4. Analysis of what the online course catalog will look like.
  5. Analysis of the teaching methodologies to be used in creating the online courses.
  6. Analysis of the budget to be invested in the project.

The analysis of these 6 points, is very important, as each point opens the consideration of many other questions. For example, the target audience we are addressing, are they internal users of the company? i.e., employees? or are they external users? If they are external users, are they already customers, and that we want to train them? or are they potential customers that we want to convert into customers, using online training?

As can be seen, each point allows for more and more thought to be given to what will then be the final eLearning project.

At this point, it is essential clearly state in black and white eLearning Project. That is, to make a file where the Project is detailed in all its phases, both at the macro and micro-design levels.

Only after analyzing these 6 points in detail, you can begin to assess which E-Learning Platform is the most suitable to create for your Online Training Project, and how it should be organized.

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