Starting an E-Learning Project may not be cheap at all.

The initial start-up costs can be high, especially if the project and development are done with sense and criteria, in order not to risk wasting money and time.

Furthermore, the results and the success of an e-learning project can only be seen if once the project has been “launched”, there is good management of the Platform, of online contents, and continuous technical assistance to users. Without all of this, the project is doomed to fail.

This is why we at EBS E-Learning Consulting have created the following service for companies and freelancers: Companies Academy.

Being part of Companies Academy in EBS will allow you to already have an E-Learning Platform ready to be used by your employees and customers.

If for corporate budget reasons, or simply because you intend to take a period to “test” online training within your company, Companies Academy is the best solution for starting an E-Learning Project.

You will have a SCORM platform where you can publish your online courses, e-learning professionals who will carry out continuous management of the technical tool for you, creation of customized online content, and continuous technical assistance to employees / users.

Your e-learning project will thus be managed in outsourcing by E-Learning Experts who will work alongside you, sharing your business objectives.

Monitoring of learning and Reports

Each employee who will attend the online courses in your Business Academy will have a reserved area in which to view all his e-learning courses.

In the reserved area, the user can follow the progress of his training path, can attend e-learning courses, displaying the relative percentage of completion, always have the completed online courses available, and with regard to the latter, download the relative Certificate with all its data.

At EBS we always monitor users’ online training, and thanks to the reports we will send you, you will be able to view data relating to online course attendance, the training progress of employees / customers, and the progress they have achieved.

Create your Companies Academy now.