E-learning training has completely revolutionized the world of learning by allowing everyone to be able to attend courses from anywhere, and at any time, thanks to a device connected to the internet.

“E-Learning” means “digital training”,or the possibility of being able to learn and / or teach online, thanks to the use of an E-Learning Platform, therefore without the need to be physically present in the classroom where the lesson takes place.

Keeping up with technologies and market trends is very important, both for every person and for any type of company, in every sector: e-learning training is a fast, advantageous, effective, and economical way to reach any type of business and professional goal.

E-Learning Training

E-Learning training can be carried out in different ways, based on the needs of people or company needs.

The main methods of using and conducting online courses are as follows:

Synchronous online courses

in which teachers / tutors and students / employees / clients interact with each other in real time and live through webinars, web-meetings and other types of events in streaming, using chat, webcam, etc.

Asynchronous online courses

which can be followed at any time and place, via a device connected to the internet, as they have been designed, built, and inserted within an E-Learning Platform.

In this case, each user has his own reserved area, which he accesses with his credentials (username and password), and attends the asynchronous course, lesson after lesson, and over several days, based on his own free time, and on his own learning times. Most of the asynchronous courses provide for intermediate self-assessment tests, which allow the user to evaluate their learning as they attend lessons, until the conclusion of the online course, which will allow them to download the Certificate of Attendance.

Blended or Hybrid courses

which involve the design of a training course that combines the previous types of courses (synchronous and asynchronous), and the modality of face-to-face courses. In this case, the design of the blended course will be carried out considering that the user will study a large part of the course in total autonomy, and the part created in the physical classroom will become a moment of interaction and comparison between the participants, where to deepen what each user has already been able to study independently, in asynchronous or synchronous mode.

E-learning thus becomes a huge resource for people and companies, which can organize their training in the best possible way, and according to their needs.

At EBS E-Learning Consulting we design any e-learning course, in any sector and subject. For years we have been creating multimedia material to make online courses attractive and engaging, and at the same time easy to use for users, where learning is our main goal.

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